Most consistently good Premier Crus in the Cote de Nuits

In our quest to elucidate more about the Cote de Nuits villages we can move up a level to the Premier Crus. This time the poll question is: Which Cote de Nuits village has the most consistently high-quality Premier Crus? Not just one or two good ones, but tits quality across the range. If you feel you have more to add than a simple vote then please feel free to add a comment.

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If you want to have a look at some maps of the Burgundy villages to help you decide you can go to the bottom of this page where there is a good list of Burgundy maps provided by Louis Jadot.

  • David Strange

    I was torn between Chambolle (Amoureuses, Fuees, Cras, Greunchers, Hauts Doix, Combottes and Sentiers are all just lovely) and Vosne (Malconsorts, Brulees, Suchots, Beaux Monts, Reignots and Cros Parantoux will all do fine for me). Much as I love Chambolle I feel the Vosne vineyards are better whilst being just as consistent.

  • Richard B

    Yes, just look at that list of great Vosne vineyards. Gevrey has CSJ, Combottes, and Combe Aux Moines and Lavaux perhaps. Nuits has Vaucrains, LSG and Boudots which are very serious, but give me the silk of Vosne or Chambolle. Morey has some nice 1er vineyards (Sorbes, Riottes) but you dont see much of them. Vougeot only has a few.

    From the other Cote, Volnay might come in behind Chambolle: Clos des Ducs, Taillepieds, Champans, Chenes etc.

    Of course there are many great wines made by great makers in other 1er vineyards that I’ve not named here, but that’s not the question.

  • David Strange

    Indeed, there are some serious 1er crus in Volnay and they are just a bit more beautiful and lovely than most Pommard. ‘Beautiful’ and ‘lovely’ are to be applauded. Those two 1999 Volnays I had a few days ago were quite, quite beguiling wines of ravishing, raw pleasure.