This makes for a merry christmas

This may only be a village wine but it is out where the big dogs eat. I love the finesse of Roulot’s wines.

Meursault les Tessons Clos de Mon Plaisir 2002, Domaine Roulot

This has hints of buttery fat on the nose, but is supremely sculpted and totally beautiful. The creamy minerality is highly attractive. Indeed, everything about this nose is highly attractive. Seriously complex too. This is racy and exciting, in the full flow of charming life. The palate is fizzing with fine acidity, with a good Chardonnay weight. There is plenty of that complexity on the palate, with amazing harmony and quite crazy length. Yeah, power up! This is what we like. Well done M. Roulot, please never stop selling me wine.

  • David Strange

    I’m still drinking this two hours later and getting a truly lewd amount of pleasure from it. Alas this is my last bottle of the 02 but by arse I drank it when it was showing well. This wine ticks every box, it has serious personality. I’d love someone to open one of these Roulot’s for me blind, I like to think I’d nail them, the beauty and character are so distinctive. He’s a great winemaker, every bottle of his you own is an incredible treat waiting to be popped.