The best village-level Cote de Nuits wines

My last poll about Burgundy was a pretty poor effort. It has been pointed out to me, and I agree, that we need more in-depth analysis to determine exactly what constitutes the best Burgundy. Burgundy is such a rich, multi-faceted font of loveliness that it is just so hard to say this one village, vineyard, vintage or whatever is the best. So, to refine our thoughts let us focus on the bottom rung of the ladder to start with. The question is: Which Cote de Nuits village makes your favourite village-level wines? I am asking in a general sense rather than about individual producers. What I mean by this is that there is more than one producer of, for example, Morey villages, and if if you are only really thinking of that one producer perhaps you should be voting for another village.

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  • David Strange

    I’ve never seen Flagey village wine, but my poll provider won’t let me delete that option. Apologies.

  • Richard B

    There are a lot of really good makers of village Gevrey. E.g. Rousseau, Fourrier, Bachelet all make tremendous and very different examples. However, if the question was singular (which aoc has the best village level wine) then my choice would probably be Roumier’s Chambolle. Some would go for Dujac’s Morey, but it’s a bit worked up… some might go for Rouget’s Vosne. Chambolle also has great village wine from Barthod and Mugnier.

  • David Strange

    I’d go for Mugnier’s Chambolle in very slight preference to Roumier, but certainly they are both hilariously high quality village wines. As well they should be at those prices.

    There is quite a lot of good Morey villages. Not only Dujac but also Lambrays, Arlaud, Fourrier, Lignier-Michelot, Ponsot and Amiot; these all provide good Morey pleasure.

    As far as Vosne goes Rouget’s village has never really done it for me. Cathiard is good. I used to really love Rene Engel’s Vosne, it was one of the bargains of Burgundy. My dear mother still has some 1997 and she says it is drinking perfectly.

    I’d add Burguet to your list of Gevrey producers, his old vines cuvee (Mes Favourites) is a personal favourite.

    There is a lot of pleasure to be had with these wines. I wonder what I’ve got in the flat…

  • Daniel Lindholm

    Given that Dujac (Fils and Pere), Roumier and Mugnier all make such delicious Chambolle villages the choice is ultimately easy. Rene Engel was brilliant, but I struggle to think of other Vosne villages that have been up to the standard of the Chambolle producers of choice.