Which Cote de Nuits village makes your favourite red wines?

My poll question is as simple as that, pick your favourite Cote de Nuits wine village. Simple question, bloody hard to answer. I have had lovely, sexy, thrilling wines from every village, how can I just choose one?

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If anyone has any strong feelings about why we should be voting in a particular way then please feel free to comment.

As usual, readers of my RSS feed will have to come to the site to vote.

  • David Strange

    My initial thought when I was deciding what to vote for was “Musigny, Bonnes-Mares, les Amoureuses, it has got to be Chambolle.” Then I thought of Morey, which has the perfumed soft delight of Clos St Denis, the power and class of Clos de la Roche, the elegant Clos des Lambrays and the miserable, tough, hard, over-priced Clos de Tart*. There is a bit of Bonnes-Mares in Morey too. So the Grand Cru count is looking good, and they are good Grand Crus too. There are plenty of good 1er Crus in Morey which, whilst all remaining totally Morey-y, give an overview of the stylistic differences across the village. Some of these 1er crus can be ravishing some more obviously structured. Morey is a complex village and I think I will always have more to learn about it. I voted for Morey.

    *I’ve never enjoyed any Clos de Tart I’ve had; they don’t seem made to give pleasure, they are more wines you have to fight through. I don’t want Burgundy to be a fight.

  • ede tully

    Has to Vosne. The average is much higher (and more consistent). Besides that it contains the greatest vineyards in the world

  • Jeremy

    I thought the question was which village makes the best “village” wines. To that question, the answer would be quite different. Perhaps in another poll?

  • ed tully

    Yes indeed, a most different and possibly more interesting question. I can’t see how you can argue with La Tache, Romanee Conti and Malconsorts. Richebourg is also pretty good. Bonnes Mares and Les Musigny are wonderful, but less consistently awe inspiring. The only possible reason not to go for Vosne is that the prices (and its scarcity) make it a very rare experience. But if I could drink DRC every month I most certainly would.