Drinking and blogging at The Union

The Union is the tap pub for The Meantime Brewery here in Greenwich (the boozer is on Royal Hill), and they are so keen for people to tell others about their beer they have free WiFi. The Union have a broad range of fresh and exciting beers on offer. When visiting here it is always worth asking if they have any specials as they are often top bunny. I’m drinking one of the seasonal beers to start with.

Meantime Brewery Oktoberfest-style beer, 5.3%

This is quite dark for a lager-style beer. There is quite a lot of character on the nose, malt and hops with some fresh yeasty life. There is a hint of sweet fruitiness to it. Now that is a characterful palate for lager. There is a malty richness, and complex, fresh flavours as well. It has hints of fruit on the palate. There is a reasonable degree of length to it, which I rarely find with beer. This is great for fizzy lager, it tastes of things!

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  • Peter

    I drank the Oktoberfest-style beer again today. Yes, it is really luscious, rich and complex, and I see what you mean about the length. A really exceptional beer.