Nespresso Special Club Singatoba – it is just amazing

The [link2post id=”1102″]Nespresso coffee machine[/link2post] the partner gave me a couple of years ago has been quite the success story. From when I first got it the quality of coffee it pumps out was revelatory, particularly as you went up the strength levels`\ they just got better and better. The Ristretto pod was the best espresso I had ever had. Then we got some Pure Origin Indriya and that was the best espresso I’d ever had. Then the Singatoba Special Club 2009 came out and I don’t need to [link2post id=”520″]tell you[/link2post] where that ranked.

[image image_id=”3644″ size=”full”]

When I go through a range of coffees in a day, much like a tasting at 632″]Dujac, you just run out of superlatives as you go up the scale. These are amazing bevvies and the delivery system is just so easy. I can heartily recommend the Nespresso system to any lover of coffees who also appreciates convenience.

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