Champagne or wallpaper, I’m not sure which

I got this to celebrate the partner’s return to London after two weeks away. He says, “If this is what you opened you cannot be too ecstatic to see me.” I am ecstatic to see him, but this wine is piss boring.

Champagne Brut Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Presidence 2002 Vieilles Vignes, R & L Legras

Bit bready and yeasty on the nose, with hints of… erm… I am not sure there are any hints of anything else. This smells fresh, and that is about it. By arse I am freaking bored to tears smelling this. Some character would be nice. The palate is watery and insipid. This must be called ‘Presidence’ because it is as short as Sarkozy. I’d like to rant semi-coherently about this having no redeeming features, but it just has no features at all. Avoid.

  • ed tully

    Olympique is the answer!

  • Jeremy

    Remarkably similar, however unlikely, to the 1964 Cuvee St Vincent from Legras that I had in June.It smelt and tasted of only one thing: cream soda. Pleasant at first, but petrifyingly boring after that second sip.

    Olympique sounds like a good idea.

  • David Strange

    If I may spill the beans, I feel a bit of a fool for having purchased this. I’ve had 1995 Presidence which was also piss boring. I’ve also had two bottles of St Vincent 1990, one of which was reasonably good, the other was staggeringly dull. I should learn more quickly from my mistakes.

  • Jeremy

    You’ve got to give them credit for consistency! And to you for loyalty.