Flesh – that is what I like

2005 was clearly a very ripe vintage in Burgundy; this example is certainly chock-full of fleshy fruit. Given my unabashed love of Morey I find myself liking this quite a lot.

Morey-Saint-Denis Premier Cru les Faconnieres 2005, Lignier-Michelot

A dense, ripe nose with layers of fleshy fruit. Indeed, the fruit is like some ultra-concentrated liqueur so intense is it on the nose. Not pretty or light, but voluptuous, buxom and charming. And there is a lot of charm to this wine. The palate has more of that fleshy fruit and a pleasingly ripe tannic structure. There is also a reasonable degree of acidity keeping it fresh. The balance on the palate is really quite good, and even if this is not a super-complex premier cru it is undoubtedly a fun, frolicsome mouthful. Burgundy is all about having fun, isn’t it? Showing most attractively now but there is enough to this to merit it probably deserving more time in the cellar.

  • Peter S

    Lovely TN David. I do like Virgile’s wines, though you do need to be in a lush (or is that louche) frame of mind. Charming chap too. I have found his 1er crus (especially Chenevery, Charmes & Faconnieres) to be a really big step up from his village wines, and well worth the extra. I picked up a couple of his 07s to try when I was in Burgundy last week – from the Caveau des Vignerons. Thanks for that tip !

  • David Strange

    Yes, it was a lush kind of Burgundy, but there is certainly a place for such styles in the pantheon of lovely things.

    That is a great little shop in Morey. I’ll return on my next trip.