Some pictures of dinner at Hawksmoor

We had another excellent meal at Hawksmoor last week (our original review is here and the follow up is here). The key is to go on a Monday when they only charge a fiver corkage (per bottle, obviously) if you take your own wine (this is what we took). We have definitely decided that the sirloin on the bone is the steak of choice; it has the tenderness of fillet but a lot more flavour. That being said, Non-Stinky Jeff and Dan’s Chateaubriand was really tasty. Here are the pictures.

IMG_0095 IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0098

This is the best meat in London. The last two times I’ve been I’ve had the sirloin and it almost, but not quite, ranks with Pedro’s ox chops at Casa Nicolas in Tolosa. Much as I agree the limits of pleasure are yet to be defined or reached, I cannot imagine putting better meat in my mouth than Pedro’s.

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