This is just Morey enough

My first taste of this Morey-Saint-Denis producer. I like Morey a lot, and this will do just fine as a basic offering.

Morey-Saint-Denis ‘En La Rue De Vergy’ 2007, Domaine Lignier-Michelot

The nose has some good pure fruit, with an edge of that 2007 fleshiness. It smells attractive, and quite Morey in character, but it is not amazingly complex. We approve of it being Morey-ish, though. There is nice fruit on the palate but the acidity is a little high. Again, it is not the most complex wine I’ve ever tasted. This has enough character to keep it interesting and reasonably charming as a village-level wine, but it is not really anything special. To be drank when it is in this lovely stage of slightly fleshy fruitiness, I feel, but then I like young Burgundy. Go on, enjoy that Morey loveliness!

  • Jeremy

    En la Rue de Vergy is just above Clos de Tart, and much of it is only just to the south of Clos des Lambrays. A part of it is trying to get reclassified as 1er Cru, under the direction of Christophe Perrot-Minot, but I don’t think this comes from that portion. Still, upper hill 1er Cru is typically quite different from lower hill 1er, usually a little leaner and tighter. Glad you didn’t hate this; His best 1er Cru I think is probably Faconnières.

  • David Strange

    On our next visit I’ll drop by the shop in Morey and look for the Faconnieres. This was a good enough village wine for it to be worth trying a 1er cru. Or two, maybe, one for drinking and one for ageing.