Caveau des Vignerons in Morey-Saint-Denis: buying fine Morey made easy

I’ll take a brief hiatus from the tasting notes to report on a brilliant little shop that has opened in Morey. Some of the producers have banded together and are selling their wines at the Caveau des Vignerons on the church square in Morey. They have most of the producers you’d hope for (but no Dujac as yet but we are told they are keen to support the shop) and the wines are sold at cellar-door prices. If you just want to pick up the odd bottle of Lambrays or Arlaud this is the place to stop. It is probably one of the very few places where Ponsot wines are affordable.

I picked up some Morey from producers I don’t know so well: Jean-Louis et Didier Amiot, Magnien and Lignier-Michelot (whose labels I love, see the one below).

[image image_id=”2350″]

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