Really classy white Burgundy

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This is an audio tasting note, recorded in the heat of battle.

Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru les Pucelles 2005, Domaine Henri Boillot

There will be another audio tasting note tomorrow.

  • Peter

    That’s a tasting note that I would never quite have the nerve to write. We should do a comparative tasting one day of white burgundy and play dough (I have no idea what it smells like).
    I have one or two other comments I could make, but I’m too embarrassed and too well brought up to make them.

  • David Strange

    Oh I thought it was an accurate reflection of how I felt about it as I tried it.

    Are you suggesting I am not well brought-up?

    Now that was a really good bottle of Burgundy. Yummy. I’ll try and find my Pernot Grand Crus this summer. We must arrange a date, Peter! I also wonder if ten years is begining to be long enough for some of my more minor 1999 Burgundies. Have to try a little taste this summer.

  • Peter

    You weren’t brought up in a good Catholic household like mine. If I get really tipsy and badly behaved one evening, I might respond to your Boillot note.

    I have a bottle of Pernot Grand Cru. We opened a bottle at New Year. It was lovely. I need to replenish my stocks. Boillot is another great favourite. I love young Burgundy and mature Burgundy. As to whether any of the 1999s are mature yet – there’s one obvious way to test that hypothesis.