The best and worst value French wine regions

Further [link2post id=”to 736″]my rant about the poor value of Bordeaux[/link2post] it has been suggested that we try and establish what are the best and worst value wines from France. This seems like time for a couple of polls.

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For the Languedoc-Roussillon I am specifically thinking of Banyuls and brilliant Collioure, for Provence the key wine is wonderful, wonderful Bandol.

The second question is fabulously easy to answer, but the first? Hmmm… I’ll have to think about that a bit more.

For readers of my RSS feeds you’ll have to come to the site proper to vote, the polls don’t show up in the RSS feed.

  • David Strange

    I have to say I am terribly pleased by the results (so far) of the ‘worst value region’ poll. If most of us think that who is buying the evil filth? Perhaps the Bordelais have some devious money-laundering operation in progress…

    It is also good to see that wines from the Loire are thought of as good value. Clearly some of the prestige cuvee wines are more expensive, but not so much compared to wines from other regions I feel. You can get decent Savennieres or even Sancerre for relatively little cash.

  • David Strange

    I would love to know the two people who voted for Burgundy in the best value region. I must buy you both a drink!