The worst corkscrew design ever

In my [link2post id=”753″]review of Valvona and Crolla[/link2post] I had a go at the corkscrew issued to our waitress. Just so we can be abundantly clear, the kind of corkscrew she used, which is the worst kind in existence, looks like this:

[image image_id=”2246″]

The screw with the spike running down the middle just pulls the centre of the cork out. This is a totally useless kind of corkscrew, which no one should own. It should certainly not be issued to staff working in a cafe that prides itself on its wine.

I suppose this post will not be complete until I name a better kind of corkscrew. This one is just great:

[image image_id=”2439″]

A ‘Pullups’ two-stage job with a worm rather than a drill. You won’t go wrong with one of these.

  • Peter

    Remember the cliche that a bad workman blames his tools?

  • David Strange

    I think I described the waitress as being ‘hopeless’, perhaps if she had been given the correct tools she might have been less so.

  • Ed Tully

    All too often my “tool” has been the problem, but I have blamed something entirely innocent.

  • Peter

    Long may our tools continue to cause problems.