People in Borough Market are a pain in the arse

I just had a piece of wonderful Lincolnshire Poacher from Neal’s Yard Cheese Shop in Borough Market, this reminded me of the ‘Borough Market shopping experience’. It is a great place to get very high quality ingredients and generally marvelous food, but most of the drips who go there generally piss me off.

We shall take as an example what happened in the cheese shop. We had to queue for a few minutes and whilst this was happening I watched the person who was already at the counter. He tasted about half a dozen cheeses and then purchased 80g of Cheddar. What a freaking joke! 80g of cheese, why bother? It was practically transparent there was so little of it.

This is the general shopping experience in Borough Market: there are so many people dripping around after free tastes of nice stuff who, if pressured to buy something, get a microscopic amount of food. I wish they’d just sod off and let those of use who are actually going shopping there have fewer interminable queues and huge crowds of people to deal with. People don’t go to the supermarket as a spectator sport, why should London’s best market be any different?

  • Bron

    Yay! You are so right. I do all my food shopping at Borough every week and it is so depressing watching the greed of the free loaders. My other pet hate are people with bloody great buggies. They should also be banned.