I’ll throw this one open to the audience

Sometimes I worry my tastes in wine are becoming so rarified and abstracted that no one else would like the stuff I like. It doesn’t often seem to happen, but I still worry. In view of this, I want to ask you, my knowledgeable audience, what wine I should buy to charm a wine neophyte.

I am being filmed in a couple of weeks for a documentary about schizophrenia. I met the producer today and she seemed to think it would be good to film me tasting a wine; clearly I immediately insisted she also have a glass. She doesn’t drink much wine and only likes white wine, so what white wine should I get?

The criteria are that the wine has to be white and good. If it is not good I won’t get excited and the film will be less funny. I thought about a German 2007 Riesling, but we worry (see below) that these are closing up now. 2008s are not out yet. Mature Riesling is a great pleasure, but not so much for the beginner, I feel. The other thing that occurred to me was the bottle [link2post id=”of 790″]Moelleux Vouvray I had a couple of weeks ago[/link2post]. It is hilariously good, and was liked back then, but is it a bit weird? Anyway, your recommendations, please!

  • David Strange

    Inflorescence? Everyone loves fizz.

  • Peter S

    Everyone loves a bang too. Perhaps you could open it with a sabre 😉

  • Ed Tully

    Make her one of your legendary cocktails. Why waste wine?

  • Peter

    Not anything acidic, or it could spoil your day.

  • James

    David, I’ve never known you fail to rave about Boxler wines. If you’re on a roll, you could open a bottle of Deiss for comparison and unleash your bile!

  • Jeremy

    Excellent suggestions all. Would advise fizz or Boxler. Cocktail would be a bit boring. Something that allows you to express a strong opinion. Or you could have a red Rhone with some sort of meaty nibble.

  • David Strange

    Red wines and cocktails are out, she wants me tasting wine. I’m leaning toward fizz. Either Inflorescence or Blanc de Noirs Roses de Jeanne Les Ursules, which this place has: http://www.vinetrail.co.uk/winelist/region_id/26.html

    They’ve got some good stuff and the prices are not excessive.

  • Peter

    If the point is to be funny, and if you want to be really potty, I suggest opening a bottle of Blue Nun Eiswein. I saw it at the duty free at Vienna airport the ther day, and thought it was one of the funniest things I had seen.

  • Jeremy

    Les Ursules is a big step up from the already excellent Inflorescence, based on my admittedly sole experience. There is an extra lovely creaminess in it.
    An excellent choice, that should be popular with any half decent person. If she doesn’t like it, smack her on the head with the bottle. That will teach her a thing or two about the value of objective reality.

  • Peter

    If the point is to be amusing, and to enable you to express a strong opinion, why not go for Blue Nun Eiswein? I saw a bottle at the duty free at Vienna airport the other day, and thought it was one of the funniest things I had seen.