Margaritas tonight, then tomorrow…

Tonight I am drinking a couple of margaritas, the perfect recipe is [link2post id=”1554″]here[/link2post]. This means no posts tonight. And none for a while, I’m afraid. Tomorrow I will see the doctor and ask to get locked up in the ‘nicer’ bin. Sadly, I am now feeling really suicidal and that means bin time. See you when I get out.

  • Peter

    Really sorry to hear your still not feeling well David.I’m glad to see you are able to enjoy margaritas (and yes, your margaritas are magnificent). I would love to have a maragarita now. I hope you will be yourself again soon.

  • Ed

    having never tried your margaritas I have no idea whether they are worth the place of wine. i look forward to you convincing me in the near future. For me it’s dover sole and a posh drouhin US chardonnay.