Bonus points to the loony for being articulate

I managed to talk my way out of a trip to the bin, which is good, and I have medication to cheer me up. And if it doesn’t cheer me up? Well, then, I suppose, it’ll be bin time. This means wine notes will continue to appear for the time being at least. Ah, wine, it is quite good, you know? I suppose I should be thinking “Result!”, but I am afraid I’m still quite unhappy.

  • Peter

    David, staying out of the bin is not much of a “result”. Rather think nice wine, and nice company (you have both, after all), and then writing opinionated notes on your blog, and planning fun trips to Burgundy, or the Basque country, or anywhere else that takes your fancy. Heavens above, the World is full of nice things (or at least the lucky, rich bits of it are – much of the rest is pretty harsh, but people seem to manage to be happy even there). Being unhappy is just a waste of time that could be better spent enjoying life.

  • David Strange

    Hi Peter,

    No staying out of the bin is a result, it was really close. The ‘everything is OK’ pills I’ve been given will see me though the next two weeks just fine and allow me to indulge in fine things and enjoy them without feeling too bad about it, that is also a result. After the two weeks? We’ll see…