Bin time?

I’m seeing the doctor this afternoon. If he knows what I’ve done to myself he’ll lock me up, but there is a chance I can stay out. If I get locked up I am no-longer allowed my computer in the bin so there will be no posts for a while. Strangely, they don’t allow booze in the bin, either. Send thoughts of good fortune, if you’d be so kind.

  • Peter

    Good luck David. I hope things work out for the best. I’m not sure what the best is, and I really doubt it is a good idea to hide things from the doctor.
    Sound like you had a nice time and some nice wines at the weekend. I wish I had some “meaty action” where I am.
    Take care, and be sensible.

  • David Strange

    Thanks, Peter. I won’t hide things, but I’ve been really nasty to myself and I worry that they won’t give me the option because of that. I hate going in the bin, it makes me feel vastly inadequate.