Even more meaty action

This is one of the best US wines I’ve tasted. Quite old world-y, if we are honest.

Espirit de Beaucastel 2004, Tablas Creek Vineyard

This is meaty and herbal; a baby, although hilariously alcoholic, Beaucastel. You can smell and taste the real quality of the Mourvedre. There is proper complexity here, and some real style. I like the nose a lot, as you may be able to tell. The palate has a really good tannic structure, and pretty good acidity too. There is some lovely fruit, too. The finish has some good length and nice complexity. OK, it is a bit booze-tastic, but this is a proper quality wine. It’ll age too.

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  • ed

    What would improper complexity taste like?

  • David Strange

    Lots of different types of shit.