This isn’t how I planned this decade

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the first time I tried to slash my wrists in the bath. An odd thing to remember, you may think. But, I have survived. It has been close, very close, at times, and I am a bit pissed off that I am still in the bin, but here I still am, swilling fine wine and chortling my way around the restaurants of the world. Things need to improve, but being here is a good start.

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I am a terribly charming loony who has finally found that severe PTSD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and chronic psychosis is, on one of my all too rare good days, only a moderate impediment to having crazy fun with wine and food. Catch me outside and I am liable to be loudly attired.

  • Peter

    Hope you’ll be out and feeling better soon. We need you back, enjoying wine, enjoying life, entertaining us all. And yes, still being here is definitely a good thing. Two fingers to all the sad conformist bastards. Life is about fun, good company, and fine things. On those terms, you’ve done well. Lots more fun is yet to come.

  • Jeremy

    Hi David,

    Congratulations on making this far and here’s to you, and living it up for many more years. Get well and work on liking yourself more.


  • ed

    I echo all of the sentiments above! We all very much look forward to sharing some bottles with you soon. After all, many of the wines in my cellar can only be opened in your company (for example the Cissac 86).