Sorry for the lack of entries recently

Thing is, for these past few weeks I’ve been really rather ill. This has led to me thinking I don’t deserve wine. This is quite upsetting, as wine is one of my favourite things.

However, I saw the doctor earlier and I am now quite heavily medicated, and this is making life a lot easier to deal with. Maybe, after a few days, especially if I can manage some sleep, I will feel I deserve wine again and the tasting notes will flow once more.

Many apologies for the hiatus, I feel remarkably bad that I am not providing my regular reader with plenty of drivel to read to help them fritter their days in the office away.

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I am a terribly charming loony who has finally found that severe PTSD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and chronic psychosis is, on one of my all too rare good days, only a moderate impediment to having crazy fun with wine and food. Catch me outside and I am liable to be loudly attired.

  • David Strange

    I was really expecting to sleep tonight and so feel a bit better. When I first started taking Quetipaine the doctor said 50mg would help me sleep. I took 450mg at 11pm last night. I also took 60mg Mianserin (which is supposed to help me as) and 1mg Of Clonazepam, a powerful tranquiliser. Then at 2am, after not sleeping, I took 10mg of Zolpidem, the most effective sleeping tablet I have ever taken. Then I gave up at 4am as I was obviously not going to sleep. I’ve had 4 hours of highly disturbed sleep in the past week. I am so shagged out

  • ed

    What kind of Trotskyite divisionist cock is that? “Deserve” it? Wine is the natural birthright of all englishmen who speak the tongue shakespeare spoke, sang the sacred masses of William Byrd and won (nearly) the hundred (120 actually) years war. Wine is not just for christmas, bank holidays or weekends. It is essential to proper stimulus and growth. Imagine what you have done to your digestive valve! I demand you get back on the love juice immediatly and resume the horrendous flow of specious opinionated ill informed cackle we have all been so irritated by. Your public demands you and all your ludicrous prejudice, narrowmindedness and whimsy.

  • David Strange

    No, I cannot do it at the moment.

  • David Strange

    You spoke of Englishmen, so I wonder if you had heard tell of the Englishman with an inferiority complex?
    He thought he was the same as everyone else.

  • ed

    Perhaps you could start gently with some Piat d’Or (if they still make it) and then move up through Bull’s blood, Muscadet, Beaujolais, Rioja and Australia before qualifying for wine itself? Otherwise maybe you are condemned to a life time of gin and tonic. If so please ship your remaining bottles to Tully Towers.