Happy New Year

On New Year’s Eve we opened three bottles of Champagne. They were all completely ruined. This was particularly annoying when one of them was Salon 1990 and another was Salon 1988. I knew the other would be shagged out. It was a gift from my mother, a remainder from the stash she purchased in 1999. It had been kept in a wine rack in her kitchen since then. I felt bad every time I saw it.

Last year was a bumper bonanza year for elitistreview.com. For viewed traffic (as opposed to bots, crawlers, spiders and the like) this year I have had 8100 unique visitors who visited 21477 times to display 63673 pages. These numbers are up from the previous year’s 6516 visitors coming here 18207 times.

I still haven’t earned enough from Google click-through ads to actually be paid. Maybe in a few months’ time that will happen.

  • Jeremy

    Were they oxidized by any chance? I opened our solo bottle of Salon 1985 with my parents on Christmas day and it was very fino in character. Quite sad as it should have been AAA+. A bottle of the 1990, last year was good, but very evolved. It makes me worried about aging the few bottles of 1996 I happen to own.

    Congratulations on your statistics. Steady growth and rapidly moving towards becoming a force in the world of wine reviews.

  • David Strange

    Right, when I deserve wine again I am going to pop my bottle of Salon 1996. I know you’ve already had it, Edward and Jeremy. It has been in wine fridge since purchase. Surely that should provide a lot of pleasure?

    Jeremy, I’m really interested to know if you have tried any Vilmart Coeur de Cuvee 1996 yet.

  • Jeremy

    I’ll say it again: no, I have not yet had Vilmart Coeur de Cuvee 1996 as I did not yet know of Vilmart when it was released and don’t possess a single bottle. I believe you ahve one and you should definitely open one when I am around at some time in future.

    Re Salon 1996, it is a delicious thing and I am certain that one day, you will deserve it. Pratice saying in your hyper, aggressive chihuahua voice “I… I was GOOD today!!!!!”.