Wine again, hooray! I have missed it

Lawks, it has been a while since I last popped a bottle and wrote it up. I hope you forgive the hiatus.

[image image_id=”2243″] Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru les Caillerets 2006, Marc Colin et Fils

The nose has a strong Chassagne flat-Champagne character which is most pleasing. There is some oak on the nose, but it is by no means over-whelming. Nice lemony fruit here as well. It smells really quite satisfying; a fresh, fruity, fun concoction. The palate has a nice depth of flavour, with plenty of lemony fruit and creamy minerality. The acidity is nicely balanced and lively. This is showing really well for such a young wine. OK, I admit it may be lacking a hint of complexity, but it is quite typical and for general drinking you cannot go far wrong with this.

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