Now that really hurt

Drank at Lord’s whilst watching the cricket. This is a non-vintage, zero-dosage Champagne.

Champagne Pure, Pol Roger

Nice fruit on the nose, reasonably biscuitty. This smells like standard Pol Roger, and that is no bad thing. The palate is really rather acidic and direct, it bloody well hurt my poor stomach. Nice fruit, though, and a good, fine mousse. Reasonably long persistence of flavours on the palate, too, but the acidity dose dominate and this is just a bit too linear. For all of its style, I’d like a touch more weight and fat to the palate. Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice NV fizz, but I prefer the standard Pol.

  • Ed Tully

    Why would you drink a zero dosage champagne? Madness! And with your tum.

  • David Strange

    Because it was Pol, of course; I have a lot of time for Pol. Much nicer than that bloody awful Laurent-Perrier Ultra we had with Morley all those years ago. Now that hurt my stomach even when it worked alright.

  • Marden

    Oddly enough I happened to scoff a bottle of this last week, having procured it from Harvey Nick’s, for a spot of idle lunch in Regent’s Park. Within moments of drinking it Vulcan appeared to have opened a chain of forges within my innards – a most unpleasant experience. It was pleasant enough to the palette however it’s definitely not worth the extra ten pounds over the price of a bottle of normal Pol NV.

  • David Strange

    An extra ten quid? Hell’s bells that is taking the piss. It was not so pricy in Calais.

    I hope the weather was nice for you in the park. I always used to enjoy necking Pol from half bottles on the tube when they used to be cheap at Fortnum’s; I liked the jealous/scandalised looks of my fellow travellers. Of course, Boris won’t let us get up to such larks anymore.

    I get the feeling you generally like Pol and felt let down by this; you are right.