Do you like skin contact?

This wine has had a lot of skin contact. Very different to the [link2post id=”1108″]Fevre les Clos 05 I had in December[/link2post].

Chablis Grand Cru les Clos 2005, J-P & B Droin

This smells very fresh and green, but with a good depth of lemony fruit and a pleasing play-dough minerality. There is the merest hint of oakiness, but that is just fine. The palate has density, but is really very acidic. There is also more than a hint of astrigency there, which is a bit odd. There is more than a degree of confusion about the palate, the flavours don’t quite seem to work terribly well together. It is not bad, but the Fevre was a lot better.

  • Peter

    Play-dough minerality? Is play-dough minerally? Have you tasted it? Would you recommend it?

  • David Strange

    Come on now, if you are going to call every slightly bonkers thing I say in my tasting notes I’ll just end up having to write like Clive Coates. You wouldn’t want that, now would you?

  • Peter

    Please, no Clive Coates. Bonkers notes are just what we want. But how does play-dough minerality differ from normal, every-day minerality? Is it a desirable quality? Should it be added to the wine taster’s dictionary of comments? Perhaps in a few years time it will become so accepted that Clive Coates will be using it in his notes.