Greetings from Estonia

I’ve been in Estonia for the past couple of days. I’ve tried one local brewery, Saku, and I have to say the beer is foul. It seems to be a pretty generic lager, but it has a nasty chemical taste which is really off-putting. This is especially true of the Saku Dark. It is 6.7% and additional alcohol really carries the most unpleasant flavours very well. I found two glasses of the stuff to be quite nauseating.

I am off to Finland for the weekend where I know there is a decent pub that serves real ale. It’ll be nice to have a good drink that doesn’t make me want to hurl. Sadly it is then back to Tallinn for two days. I must find a better bar….

  • Joonas

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy Saku Tume, despite its rather high alcoholic content for the region. Try some Toolse or Palmse, if you happen to find them anywhere. If I remember correctly, they were at least a bit nicer than the ubiquitous Saku and A. Le Coq varieties.

    I expect to read a detailed report on your evening in Kaisla soon!

    While you continue searching for a better bar in Tallinn, we’ll be heading to Duke’s tonight… 😛