Good wine starts at a tenner

I purchased this bottle attempted to test my normal buying rule that decent wine starts at roughly ten pounds a bottle. This cost an Ayrton and it is very good for that price.

Bourgogne Rouge 2002, Ghislaine Barthod

Nice cherry fruit on the nose, it seems reasonably ripe. Beyond the fruit there is not that much else there, though; it is quite simple. The palate has reasonable body with pretty fruit and reasonable acidity. It is a lively little number, that is for sure. Tannins seem ripe enough, it is not hard or tough. OK, this is a very simple glass of Burgundy, but the fruit is nice and it has a degree of charm. Not to be sniffed at for ten quid.

  • ed

    Ah! Gone are the days when La Guiraude was the bench mark. And what days they were!

  • Richard Brooks


    I tasted this next to the 2001 version, which I would have given almost exactly your tasting note. By comparison I thought there was more to the 2002, which has a core that I think will unwind over the coming years to reveal a better wine. This may only be apparent when tasting the two side by side.