What a little beauty

Notes have been a bit thin on the ground of late, I am not feeling happy and even the mystic power of wine does little to cheer me. However, tonight we have popped one of the loveliest bottles of wine I’ve had in… oh… I period of time. I know I’ve had this many times before, but this is the best bottle that has been popped.

Meursault “Les Tillets” 2001, Domaine Roulot

The nose is really nutty and mineral. It has a very pleasing, round character, but it has real precision and purity of aromas on the nose. It is very stoney, but has some really good lemon fruit. The palate is a delight of pure flavours, precisely defined fruit, minerality and acidity. This is quite lovely, real depth of flavours and great length. It is really stylish too. This is a fine wine, and up for drinking (with a lot of pleasure) now. Top bunny.

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