Well, that wasn’t so good

My week’s holiday in Burgundy has been cut short as I am so suicidal I need to be in the psychiatric ward as soon as possible. I am typing this on the train back into London, when I arrive it’ll be straight to the loony bin. Those tasting notes I did write on my brief period there will have to wait until I am sane enough to be let out. I did have some very fine wines but even their power did not cheer me up enough to stay in Burgundy tasting.

  • Richard Brooks

    Bloody hell David, I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything your readers can do? Attempt to cheer you up by providing spoof Strange tasting notes, especially in the sub-interest category?

  • David Strange


    Many thanks for your kind words and amusing suggestion. I think it best just to leave the blog for the time being and look forward to posting my few notes from Burgundy when I break out of the bin in a week or so. I did have some wines which were terribly good, in fact I’d go as far as saying that some were tits. I only managed one producer visit and I can confidently say that, miserable as I was whilst tasting the wines, Anne Gros’ 2006s are really good. Her Clos de Vougoet is clearly amongst the best I’ve tasted and the Richebourg is… well… freaking triple-A.

    Thanks again,