Five wines from around the web #13

I feel this month’s recommendations are terribly reasonably priced for the quality they represent.

Champagne Blanc des Blancs Cuvée du Centenaire, Alfred Gratien: One of the best NV Blanc des Blancs I’ve had. Read the note [link2post id=”1236″]here[/link2post]. I’ve just purchased three more bottles, at least one of which I’ll keep for a few years. £29 from the Wine Society.

Chambolle-Musigny 1999, Domaine Fourrier: Pretty, charming and down-right enjoyable Chambolle that is ready to drink now. £19.95 from Four Walls Wine.

Chardonnay 2005, Moss Wood: A lovely Western-Australian Chardonnay that might be quite big, but it is neither short on charm nor hard-work to drink. Certainly amongst the best Australian Chardonnays. £19 from Jeroboams.

Bandol Château la Rouvière 2002, Domaines Bunan: OK, 2002 isn’t quite as good of a vintage as the 1217″]1998 I had the other day, but this is a good drink that’ll improve for five years. It is one of the most affordable ‘serious’ Bandols these days. £15.95 from Yapp.

Pinot Gris 2006, Tim Adams: A light, refreshing but characterful Pinot Gris made by the Clare Valley Master. Much better than that Italian Pinot Grigio filth. £10.49 from Noel Young Wines.

  • Nick Breeze

    Excellent, I have just purchased some Moss Wood from Jeroboams web site. I have tasted it before and remember being enthused by its complex fruit structure. I’ve bought a case so I’ll be interested to keep a few and see how they develop.

    Best, Nick

  • David Strange

    Hello Nick,

    The Chardonnay is a lovely wine, and quite a bargain at nineteen sheets a bottle. I also have a bit of a soft-spot for the Semillon which may not be not quite as serious, but is a fun drink. It has good balance for something so booze-tastic.

    Should you ever be in the market for some red wine the Moss Wood Cabernet is really quite grown up. It is one of the few affordable Cabernet-based wines that I enjoy. Quite a bit more expensive than the Chardonnay, alas.

    Thanks for dropping by, David.