A new toy!

Oh the excitement of a new toy, I’m going to try and put a poll on this page. I want to know what your favourite red Burgundy Grand Cru is. There is an option for if you cannot decide. I’ll leave the poll running for two weeks (until 29 March 2007) and then post the results. If you want to put a reason why you chose a particular vineyard, please feel free to leave a comment. Oh I hope this works.

  • David Strange

    I found it hard to choose between:
    Clos des Lambrays
    Clos St.-Denis
    La Tache

  • David Strange

    To expand on this:

    Clos des Lambrays is silky and smooth with a good purity of fruit. It is also really keenly priced.

    Clos St.-Denis has the most incredible perfume and refinement. It is also quite reasonably priced.

    La Tache is really complex, stylish and hedonistic. By arse it is a great wine.

    Musigny from Mugnier or Roumier is so utterly beautiful it’ll warp your mind.

    And Romanee-St.-Vivant has the most utterly delicious flavour, exotic and charming.