Tonight’s dinner

We have a couple of friends from Oxford days coming around for dinner tonight; there will be some hilariously fine wine consumed. Our starter will be salad with confit of goose gésiers dressed with [link2post id=”1531″]my favourite dressing[/link2post]. Gésiers are the gizzard muscles of ducks and geese, they are delicious little bundles of meaty goodness. ‘Confit’ means they have been preserved in the bird’s own fat. We will then have [link2post id=”1246″]Tolosan bean stew with bacon served with Sillfield Farm black pudding. The stew is cooking as I type and the entire flat is filled with a wonderful aroma of beans and garlic. We will finish off with some British cheeses from Neal’s Yard Dairy: Cheshire, Lancashire and Caerphilly.

  • David Strange

    Dinner was a great success. Goose gésiers are really rather large, but a lot more tender and meaty in flavour than duck gésiers. The bean stew was a great success and Daniel considered it better than Restaurant Fronton’s offering.