What doesn’t qualify

As part of the humorous ‘taste crap wines’ weekend that included the quite worryingly disgusting [link2post id=”1391″]Blue Nun[/link2post] we also purchased a bottle of Frascati. It was quite an expensive bottle of Frascati as far as the supermarket’s selection went: a whole fiver. It had some fruit, a degree of bitter-almonds character and alcohol. It wasn’t bad, but it was sub-interest.

I was almost impressed when I first tried it; I didn’t feel immediately sick. However, I was incredibly bored by it. It was characterless, bland and incredibly one-dimensional. There was nothing beyond the the simplest of flavours there. It was so dull it wasn’t even refreshing.

Wines like this will always be sub-interesting, no matter how well-made or expensive they are. The last 1390″]bottle of Burgundy I opened was sub-interest because it only had big, slightly unripe tannins, and nothing else. There was no earthy complexity or charming fruit. It was just a dull, tannic monster.

This does not mean that actively unpleasant wines (like the Blue Nun) are not sub-interest because they are so aggressively horrible that they are interesting. I’m not interested in nasty things, and nor should you be.

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