A dose of the Clape

This was quite disappointing, not up to the required standard for here.

Cornas 1997, Clape

A nice nose of dark fruit and earth, but very dirty and bretty. The palate is angular and really filthy. Incredible levels of brett in this wine, it is very dirty indeed. There is not much else on the palate, hardly any fruit, and not much length. The nose promised some goodies, but the box was just empty. Very disappointing.

  • Scott

    Me finding this site has come in the nick of time. I had this wine on a shortlist for a restaurant I’m visiting next week, but you’ve done enough to make me look elsewhere.

    Your notes make great reading btw. Cheers.

  • David Strange

    Glad to be of service. I hope you drink better than this when you go out to dine. Enjoy your meal!